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  • A3HSRi2Ex CNC Router
A3HSRi2Ex Router utilising PC CNC control (PC not included). This version of our benchtop router will machine materials up to and including hardwoods with ease. If you have a requirement for performing light milling operations on non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and brass, whilst this capability is listed as an option on this price list, if the option is chosen the machine is redesignated as a A3HSRmi2Ex and has its own price list. For reference, the main differences are that the A3HSRmi2Ex has an industry rated, inverter controlled, variable speed motor besides further increased rigidity to the beam/Z-axis.

A3HSRi2Ex CNC Router

  • Производитель: Boxford Holdings Limited
  • Модель: A3HSRi2Ex CNC Router
  • Наличие: Пред-заказ