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  • A3RTCmi 2 Ex Combination CNC Router/Lathe
A3RTCmi 2 Ex Combination CNC Router/Lathe, comprises a metal- cutting (alloys) router and a wood/plastics-cutting lathe. The lathe is quickly added to and removed from the router table, is easily located accurately on the table and clamped using T-slot nuts and bolts. The lathe is capable of turning, parting and threading plastics, wood and other soft materials. An optional tailstock is available for turning longer, slender components between centres. Axis switching takes place seamlessly as soon as the lathe is connected to or disconnected from the router. A camlock internal tool plate is included, as are a turning tool and parting tool. Comprehensive lathe tooling that combines with the included tooling to fully populate the 4-station toolchanger and the 4- position internal tool plate is optionally available. The combined router/lathe is ideal for turning small components like knobs, feet, buttons, toggles, spindles and small threaded shafts that are part of a predominantly routing/milling project. It is less expensive than a separate CNC router and a CNC lathe and has a smaller footprint if workshop space is at a premium.

A3RTCmi 2 Ex Combination CNC Router/Lathe

  • Производитель: Boxford Holdings Limited
  • Модель: A3RTCmi 2 Ex Combination CNC Router/Lathe
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